When you look at the dust, what do you see? It’s not just a nuisance! If you put that dust under a microscope you would likely see traces of dead skin, pollen, dead bugs, bacteria, and so forth. That’s pretty gross!

Thankfully, you can dust furniture the right way so there’s no need to worry about dust particles making your home their home. If you need some furniture dusting tips, check these out.

How Often Do You Need to Dust?

When it comes to the frequency of dusting, every situation is going to differ because everyone lives differently.

Generally speaking, if you live alone or with a few other people, you may be able to get by with dusting once a week. However, if there are several people in your home, you may need to up the dusting to a few times a week to keep dust at bay before it collects. The key takeaway is: if you notice that dust is starting to compile, it’s time to clean!

If you have a family member with mild to moderate allergies, you’ll need to be dusting every day or every other day to maintain their health. 

How to Dust Furniture

Furniture like desktops, bookshelf, tables, and so forth tend to collect dust more easily if they’re unused or not touched. For example, the top of a bookshelf is likely to accumulate more dust than your kitchen table. 

Here are some tips to get your furniture clean and dust-free. 

1. Products and Tools

You might have seen your parent sweeping a dust rag over the tables growing up. However, this method is insufficient and will only spread the dust around more. The goal is to remove the dust from the surface completely. 

To do this, you need to use a microfiber cloth or even a damp rag. The benefit of a microfiber cloth is that the fibers are excellent at catching dust and not spreading it around. Microfiber cloths are also soft and safe on your furniture and won’t scratch. 

If you want to, you can use a light spray of water on your microfiber cloth to grab even more dust. When you’re dusting multiple areas, vacuum off your microfiber rag with a vacuum hose to avoid the accumulation of more dust. 

2. Clean

After removing the dust with the microfiber rag, it might seem like you’re done. But there could still be some dust particles lingering which means dust is more likely to collect easily. 

To completely eliminate all the dust, take a furniture-safe cleaner and wipe off the remaining dust particles. Now your furniture is clean!

3. Polish

If you have wood furniture, you want to keep it looking polished, shiny, and new. Once you’ve allowed the cleaner to dry and you’re certain you’ve removed all the dust, finish off the cleaning with a furniture-friendly polish. 

Using too much polish can make your furniture look wet, so be sure to add just the right amount. 

Dusting Furniture the Right Way

When you dust furniture, keep in mind that it’s not hard! With just a few steps, you can have your furniture looking dust-free and lovely. 

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