We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. As such, it’s important to keep our houses clean so we can feel comfortable in them.

Dusty environments are not only hazardous to your health, but they can also contribute to your stress levels and harm your home electronics.

Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should be dusting furniture regularly.

1. It’s Better for Your Health

The risks of excess dust in your home include some major health concerns. Some toxic dust studies have been linked with cancer, hormone issues, and even reproductive health.

Toxic dust is made of heavy metals like lead, which is poisonous. Although it is not fatal in tiny amounts, it can have a negative effect on your digestive system.

Other elements in toxic dust are flame retardants and zinc, neither of which you want in your body.

Proliferative dust contains silicates and asbestos, and can lead to problems with your lungs.

2. It Helps With Allergies

Dust allergies are caused and exacerbated by biological dust.

Biological dust is made up of hair, skin, and other organic matter, and is ubiquitous. It has an impact on skin conditions, allergies, and breathing conditions like asthma.

Other substances potentially present in dust, such as dust mites, can also cause allergic reactions with symptoms similar to hay fever. Mold spores, pollen, and animal skin and hair are all commonly found in household dust.

3. It Provides Stress Relief

Dusty environments can also have a negative effect on your mental health. It can make you increasingly anxious about cleaning as the dust builds up.

Learning how to properly clean furniture will help you avoid some of the long term effects of stress, including high blood pressure, weight gain, and fatigue.

4. Dusting Furniture Protects Electronics

Whether it’s HVAC systems or TVs and gaming consoles, dust buildup can seriously affect your home appliances.

Removing dust from your electronics regularly will help prevent damage and prolong their lifespan.

5. It Prevents the Spread of Germs

Life during a pandemic is forcing us all to consider the dangers of germs and bacteria in our environments more carefully.

Dust can carry germs and bacteria with it as it coats the surfaces in your home. So dusting the high touch areas of your house will help reduce your risk of contamination.

The substances harbored in dust can be very harmful to your health, which is why it’s so important to dust your house thoroughly and often, especially nowadays.

Hire a Pro

Dust removal is a difficult thing to stay on top of since it’s constantly forming in the air around us. Dusting furniture using feather dusters and microfiber cloths will help minimize the dust in your home.

Using professional cleaning services is also a great way to keep your home maintained regularly. We take pride in our commitment to cleanliness. And if you are dissatisfied, we’ll return within 24 hours to make it right.

Request a quote today to ensure your home a safe environment that you can enjoy without stressing over dust.