Out of all the house cleaning, bathroom cleaning is likely the least enjoyable. From hair in the drain to stains in the toilet, there are many elements that can engage your gag reflex.

Thanks to the pandemic, people are spending more time at home than ever before. The entire house is getting more use — including the bathroom. This makes dirt and grime build up faster, and the bathroom needs even more cleaning.

To keep up with the bathroom chores, check out the professional bathroom cleaning tips below.

Get the Right Supplies

Before setting to work, make sure you have the right supplies. Deep cleaning a bathroom starts with a good arsenal of cleaning products.

Go through the house and pick out the products you’ll need, gathering them together in the bathroom. If something is missing, make time to go pick it up from the store. There’s no need to waste time in the middle of a cleaning project running through the house to collect supplies.

Clean Dry First

There are two cleaning approaches for any cleaning job — dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Dry cleaning involves things like dusting, while wet cleaning involves liquid products.

Run a duster over areas prone to dust, like the base of the toilet, light fixtures, and baseboards. If these aren’t addressed before using wet products, all that dust and hair will turn into wet sludge.

Cleaning has a positive correlation with mental health, but not if you have to do your work all over again.

Work Your Way Down

The biggest mistake you can make when bathroom cleaning is to start with the floor. Dust, dirt, and grime tend to fall to the floor as you clean. Instead, work your way down, from top to bottom.

The top starts with light fixtures, ceiling fans, and cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. Then, work your way down the walls and anything on them. The floor should always be last.

Key Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Heading down the cleaning aisle at the store can be daunting. There is a seemingly endless choice of bathroom cleaning products. Generally, this is what you’ll need:

  • A duster
  • Brushes for tubs and showers
  • Scrub pads for sinks and tubs
  • Microfiber rags to avoid lint
  • Disinfectant for dirty areas
  • Scrubbing powder to loosen grime
  • Distilled white vinegar as a powerful, natural cleaning agent
  • All-purpose cleaner to shine things up and wipe things down

Considering the cost of purchasing all these products, it might be beneficial to simply hire a professional cleaning company.

Professional Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom cleaning is an unpleasant necessity. Some people even believe that you can judge the cleanliness of a person by how clean their bathroom is. However, with a large family and a demanding work life, it can be difficult to deep clean the entire house regularly.

To avoid this difficult chore, you can always hire a professional cleaner. Contact us to get a quote today!