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Cleangie, pronounced “clean-gee”, provides professional house cleaning services throughout Timberwood Park, Texas and nearby communities.  We’re proud to be locally owned and owner operated. We are NOT a franchise and therefore are able to focus on what’s right for you, not a corporate office!

Our cleaning services are tailored to your needs.  Services are available one-time or recurring as needed.  We even offer after hours cleanings upon request.

With each and every cleaning, we strive to deliver services with integrity that are professional, prompt, dependable and thorough. 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

Our Residential Cleaning Services

Cleangie provides professional house cleaning and maid services throughout Timberwood Park, Texas and nearby communities including within the following zip codes: 78258, 78260.

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4 Excellent Reasons Sign Up A Professional Cleaning Service

Professional house cleaners in Timberwood Park, TexasTime is the most valuable asset that you have, and if you are using your cleaning your home then you are wasting it.

This is only one reason why hiring a professional home cleaning company makes sense – there are many others. Read on to find out more.

You can clean your home yourself – but just how good is the end result? For many people, the chore of home cleaning has to be balanced with the needs of children, a career – and the requirements of household pets. These pressures can make taking care of a home challenge. For many people, this means home cleaning is a grudge activity (you don’t really want to do it – but you have to) or a luxury.

However, the reality is that cleaning your home is an absolute necessity. It doesn’t just make the interior of your home more attractive, but it also provides a healthier environment for both you and the other residents of the home such as your nearest and dearest.

So perhaps it’s time to stop making excuses to avoid cleaning – and let the professionals take care of the challenge. And that means hiring a professional cleaning service. Here are four great reasons that you will appreciate a regular visit by an experienced home cleaning team.

1. They get the Job Done Efficiently

There’s nothing to prevent you from attempting to clean your home yourself if you can make the time. You have skills that are based on Mother’s advice and every article that has been published on and offline about effective home cleaning (and boy are there a lot of them). But, it’s almost a certainty that you are going to get bored or distracted or simply loathe the job.

A cleaning service will ensure that the job is done right, the first time. They have expert knowledge of which products work the best for each and every surface of the home and will identify those nooks and crannies where dirt tends to accumulate.

2. Leave a Good Impression

You want your home to shine when guests come around (literally and figuratively). even if you’re used to a home that is less than sparkling clean and hygienic, do you really want guests including friends and family to see that side of you? We’re guessing not.

So maybe you simply hate cleaning, find it tedious or you don’t have the time – but a professional cleaning service will make sure that you can be houseproud no matter the occasion or no matter the guests.

3. Keep Allergens and Bacteria under Control

Dust can cause symptoms that resemble the common cold. But sometimes all the over-the-counter medication in the world is not going to help if the dust bunnies are riding herd to airborne dust motes in your home. The greater the interval between dealing with dust on surfaces the more there is going to be floating around your home – and the greater the chance that you and your loved ones (especially the kids) are going to suffer from runny noses and sore throats. And that dust can make allergies even worse. So stop blaming the allergies and hire professionals who know which end of the feather duster to use.

There’s also the matter of bacteria and mold in bathrooms and kitchens. These microorganisms can b a threat to the health of those in the home – and if left unchecked can even cause serious illness. A professional home cleaning service will ensure that not only is your home dust-free but that it is also hygienic.

4. Save on your Monthly Budget

Many people believe that they are saving money by cleaning their own homes. The fact of the matter is that they are often doing a sub-par job, and a cleaning service may actually save money.

Firstly there is the fact that you will not have to purchase expensive cleaning supplies – a home cleaning service will arrive with everything they need to do the job properly. Many will also employ eco-friendly products.

However, the big saving comes through avoiding unnecessary maintenance issues and repairs. A home that is not cleaned properly will almost inevitably suffer damage – and that damage can start off with the smallest of issues, issues that a professional home cleaning service employee can bring to your attention.

Your basement is an excellent example. That warm, moist environment is the perfect place for Black Mold to start growing uncontrollably. Regular cleaning ensures that you spot mold problems that can be a danger to the health of your family. Also, remember that mold can seriously damage the structure of a home. Professional cleaners will point out issues and allow you to call in a service provider who will take care of the problem.

A cleaning service will spot potential problems, and the cost to you is a small price to pay for health, safety, avoiding costly maintenance – and that all-important peace of mind. Hiring a professional cleaning service is simply worth every penny.

Make the Right Decision

If you have been avoiding cleaning your home, schedule regular visits by a professional cleaning service. It will help you and yours enjoy good health and a home you can be proud of.

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