Declutter | Tidy | Organize utilizing the KonMari Method®

All Packages Include:

  • Travel within San Antonio and surrounding areas
  • Coaching for in-home organizing by category
  • Shopping support and recommendations for organizing products
  • Email support in between Tidy Festivals
  • Access to client portal
  • Discounts on additional hours (if needed)

Organizing Service Packages



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The Starter Package caters to individuals residing alone or in cozier homes. These five half-day sessions of in-home tidying tutorials are designed to kickstart your journey through the five primary categories of your Tidying Festival. This is ideal for those who are self-driven, as they can independently pursue completing each category following every tidying lesson.



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The Standard Package is a good fit for families in typical-sized homes. It offers 10 half-day sessions of in-home tidying tutorials, providing extra support for your Tidying Festival journey. It’s perfect for those who want to tackle tidying between lessons whenever they have the chance.



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The Ultimate Package is tailored for individuals residing in spacious homes. With 15 half-day sessions of in-home tidying lessons, it offers comprehensive support to ensure your Tidying Festival journey is successful. This option is ideal for those who either lack time to tidy between sessions or prefer involving other household members in the tidying process.

Spark Joy Juniors Club


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This two- to three-hour session introduces young ones to the principles of organization and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way. Through a series of age-appropriate activities, children learn to declutter their spaces by focusing on items that “spark joy.” The session includes games, storytelling, and hands-on tidying exercises, all aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and appreciation for their belongings. Cleangie’s Spark Joy Juniors Club not only helps kids develop essential organizational skills but also encourages them to create and maintain a joyful, clutter-free environment.