You could probably be cleaning your home in half the time. Read on to learn how to clean your house fast.

Look at any list of the most hated household chores, and you’ll find that some pretty common everyday ones such as ironing, cleaning the bathroom, and washing dishes are included.

It goes without saying that many of us would like to know some tips to reducing housework. Maybe we need to know how to clean a house in a jiffy, whether it’s because company is coming on short notice or we have an appointment to keep.

Here are some time-saving tips on how to clean your house fast!

Clear the Clutter

Tidy up a room fast by placing all items that don’t belong in a box or laundry basket. This includes kids’ toys, magazines, junk mail, and anything else cluttering the room’s look. Place in another room the garage, or a closet, out of sight.

Remove Dust From the Top Down

If you’re planning on dusting and vacuuming a room, start with removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, walls, and any shelving first. This means any dust you miss will float to the floor or the carpet. Vacuum or sweep last to ensure this dust is removed.

Keep Cleaning Products and Tools in an Apron

Toting your favorite cleaning products and tools in an apron around your home as you tackle chores saves you time. You won’t be walking back and forth to where these are stored if you keep them at your fingertips.

Squeegee Your Windows and Mirrors

It can be time-consuming to clean glass, windows, and mirrors and get a streak-free finish with paper towels. Invest in a squeegee. It’ll remove water and cleaning agents from windows and mirrors in seconds, leaving them crystal clear.

Start Cleaning Habits to Prevent More Work Later

Adding a few simple cleaning tips to your regular routine can help prevent more involved work later. For example, wiping down your shower after each use helps prevent mold and mildew from growing. Cleaning the bathroom sink a few times a week prevents toothpaste and other products from hardening in the basin.

Recycle all junk mail immediately and on a daily basis so that it doesn’t create clutter. Donate or recycle magazines, books, clothing, and other items regularly to prevent them from piling up in your home.

Multitask With Technology

If you own a robotic vacuum cleaner, use it. You can take on another cleaning chore while it does its thing. Robot vacuums cannot reach dust in corners or up walls, but they do help maintain a carpet’s general cleanliness.

Take advantage of your dishwasher to help save time that would otherwise be spent doing dishes by hand.

Have a Routine

Perhaps the most important tip to cleaning a house quickly is to have a routine down pat. Once you know what works for you for recurring cleaning, stick to it.

Know How to Clean Your House Fast

Knowing how to clean your house fast can absolutely be done, but just remember that it isn’t a substitute for a deep cleaning. You should still give your home a more in-depth cleaning a few times a year to remove all traces of dust and grime and keep the air quality fresh and healthy.

Whether you need help with an initial/deep cleaning or recurring cleaning services, Professional Cleaners takes household chores off your hands. If you need help keeping your home sparkling clean, contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!