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Professional House Cleaning Services Available Throughout Stone Oak, Texas and Nearby Communities.
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Stone Oak’s Premier House Cleaning Services

Cleangie, pronounced “clean-gee”, provides professional house cleaning services throughout Stone Oak, Texas and nearby communities.  We’re proud to be locally owned and owner operated. We are NOT a franchise and therefore are able to focus on what’s right for you, not a corporate office!

Our cleaning services are tailored to your needs.  Services are available one-time or recurring as needed.  We even offer after hours cleanings upon request.

With each and every cleaning, we strive to deliver services with integrity that are professional, prompt, dependable and thorough. 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

Our Residential Cleaning Services

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Cleangie provides professional house cleaning and maid services throughout  Stone Oak, Texas and nearby communities including within the following zip code 78258.

Maintenance General Cleaning (Residential)
Deluxe Clean (Residential)
Move-In/Move-Out/List-For-Sale Clean (Residential)

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4 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

Professional house cleaners in Stone Oak, TexasIt takes a lot of patience and dedication to keep your home sparkling clean at all times. If anything, it would take not less than 4 hours to clean everything from utensils, clothes, surfaces, all through to the bedrooms and bathroom. While it might seem achievable at first, the odds change when you are a career person and with kids and pets to take care of. For this reason, most people will opt to clean their homes during the weekend, even if it means cleaning only a section.

Living in a dirty environment can prove to be costly both on your health and overall wellbeing, a reason you should take the necessary option. One way to do this would be by hiring a professional cleaning service. These experts will help clean every inch of your home, getting rid of dirt, germs, and mold that might have been accumulating over the days or weeks. Not sure you need a professional cleaner? Here are 4 reasons and benefits of hiring one.

1. You Are Guaranteed Of A Job Well Done

Although you might be quite capable of cleaning your home, there’s a good chance you’ll be distracted or bored after some time, or won’t do a perfect job either. Professional cleaners however do this for a living, and love it. They will thus strive to ensure every inch of your home is properly cleaned, leaving no surface/fabric unattended. Professional cleaners also invest in industrial-grade cleaning equipment and detergents, and only use the recommended one for specific surfaces and purposes. You are thus assured of a sparkling and fresh home by the time they are done.

2. Stun Your Guests

You might be used to living in the house as is, but not your guests. Most of your guests will find it disgusting to live in a dirty home, a reason you should find help keeping it clean. A professional cleaning service can help clean your home, especially when expecting visitors or after holding a party or event.

3. Get Rid Of Allergens and Bacteria

Most people cannot stand a dusty room. Animal fur too can be quite irritating and sometimes hard to get rid of. Regular cleaning and vacuuming might help remove most of the fur and dust, but not all of it. a professional cleaning service can help manage these for good, leaving your home safe especially if allergic to dust and fur.

4. It Saves You Money

Choosing to clean the house yourself might save you a few coins, but not much. This is because you’d have to buy cleaning equipment, detergents, sometimes the wrong ones too. Such can be more expensive than hiring a professional cleaner. Using the wrong detergent on your fabrics and carpets can damage your items, costing you even more. Hiring a professional cleaner can save you much of the trouble and money. For starters, most only charge a flat rate for a specific package, and clean the entire house including the basement, as well as remove your garbage. Keeping the basement and garage clean will also help mitigate mold growth, saving you a lot more in the long run. The few dollars you’d be paying the cleaning service is nothing compared to how much money you would be spending on detergents, cleaning equipment, and time, but still get the job wrong. Hiring a professional cleaner is the right move. Find a good and reputable one to help keep your home fresh and clean.

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