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Professional House Cleaning Services Available Throughout Spring Branch, Texas and Nearby Communities.

Spring Branch’s Premier House Cleaning Services

Cleangie, pronounced “clean-gee”, provides professional house cleaning services throughout Spring Branch, Texas and nearby communities.  We’re proud to be locally owned and owner operated. We are NOT a franchise and therefore are able to focus on what’s right for you, not a corporate office!

Our cleaning services are tailored to your needs.  Services are available one-time or recurring as needed.  We even offer after hours cleanings upon request.

With each and every cleaning, we strive to deliver services with integrity that are professional, prompt, dependable and thorough. 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

Our Residential Cleaning Services

Cleangie provides professional house cleaning and maid services throughout Spring Branch, Texas and nearby communities including within the following zip code: 78070

Maintenance General Cleaning (Residential)
Deluxe Clean (Residential)
Move-In/Move-Out/List-For-Sale Clean (Residential)

A Few Good Reasons For Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Professional house cleaners in Spring Branch, TexasIf you are spending hours out of your week cleaning the house, you are wasting your time and energy. Read on to learn how a professional cleaning service can allow you to spend more time doing what is important to you.

Cleaning a home is something we all think we can do. But what does the average person accomplish? With careers, studies, children, and pets to care for, taking the time to tend to a home can be a tough call. This is why many people view house cleaning as a luxury.

The truth is house cleaning is absolutely a necessity. Not only do clean homes look and feel better, but they improve the health of those living within. Toxins and harmful bacteria build up quickly in dirty homes and this can pose a danger to the home’s occupants.

This is why you must stop making excuses for your dirty homes and start taking intelligent action. Here are a few reasons why a professional home cleaning company is the best solution for you.

1. They Get the Job Done Right

Sure anyone can clean their home. With a little advice from relatives and some tips you found online, you can do a pretty good job too. But is the ongoing cleaning of your home something you are prepared to invest in?

Cleaning services do this task all the time and can provide the best results for time, energy, and cleaning products. A professional cleaning company knows exactly what amounts of which chemicals to use to preserve the surfaces and contribute to the health of your family and the planet.

2. Your House Will Leave a Good Impression on Guests

You may be used to your style of “organized chaos” but you will eventually have friends and family over and they might not approve. If you dislike the onerous task of keeping your home free from the forces of entropy, call in the professionals who can do this in no time at all — you can have the home spotless in time for that visit from your boss.

If you hate cleaning or don’t have time to keep a clean home, cleaning services ensure your home is suitable for guests.

3. Keeps Bacteria and Allergens at Bay

Did you know that dust is one of the most common carriers of viral and bacterial infection? When you fall sick, one of the first places to look for fault is the condition of the home.

A professional cleaning service knows how to properly sanitize an environment and make full use of the cleaning agents at their disposal to keep the home dust and disease free.

4. Saves You Money

You may think that doing the job yourself is penny-wise, but it can also be pound-foolish.

A cleaning company can accomplish a better job in less time and thus save you time to place your focus and energy where you do your best. You can also count on a professional cleaning company to manage their supplies and thus save you an extra expense. Finally, a professional cleaning company will preserve your home by applying advanced cleaning techniques and technical know-how.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service Is Worth It

If you are the type of person who is struggling to keep up with your work, family, and personal life, while cleaning the house, you need a break. If you are in the Spring Branch, TX area, call (210) 354-5654 and learn more about our professional cleaning services!

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