Have you been wondering how to deep clean a kitchen and don’t know where to start? The kitchen is one of the highest-traffic areas of the home. It’s also the place where you eat and prepare food for your family so it should be clean and disinfected at all times.

However, sometimes it’s hard to keep all the little nooks, crannies, appliances, and cabinets clean, especially if you have little kids or pets.

Keep reading to learn the best tips on deep-cleaning a kitchen and making it the neatest place in your home.

Clean the Oven and Refrigerator

Deep cleaning a kitchen can seem daunting but it can be very satisfying and good for your mental health. Start with a plan on which areas need the most attention.

In most kitchens, these are the oven, microwave, and fridge. This is where you keep your food so they’re most likely to get dirty. Don’t forget to defrost the freezer before cleaning it.

Clean the Smaller Appliances

If you have a lot of small appliances that you use regularly, it’s important to clean them thoroughly. These can include blenders, food processors, coffee makers, mixers, baby food makers, juicers, electric kettles, and pressure cookers.

Too many appliances to tackle? Then you need to hire a professional cleaning service. The cleaners will handle all appliances with care and get them clean and ready to use in no time.

Organize the Pantry and Cupboards

Another big area to tackle in the kitchen is the pantry and any cupboards where you keep food. First, throw away any expired items or anything that you haven’t used in a while. Then, organize everything by frequency of use and expiration date. It’s best to use the same containers for everything and write down the ‘opened on’ and ‘use by’ dates.

Disinfect High-Touch Areas

One of the best kitchen cleaning tips is disinfecting all high-touch areas such as the microwave door, the oven handle, drawer pulls, faucets, light switches, chairs, food prep areas, and trash cans.

You should also consider disinfecting your fridge and pantry as well as the kitchen tiles near the cooking areas.

Dust and Mop the Entire Area

The final step of cleaning a kitchen is dusting and mopping. Do this step last to prevent dust setting on surfaces after you’ve cleaned the entire area. Dust everything from picture frames, high-reach areas, ceiling fans, and all exposed surfaces.

Finally, mop the floors and let everything dry before using the kitchen again.

Wondering How to Deep Clean a Kitchen? These Tips Can Help!

Now that you know how to deep clean a kitchen, it’s time to get your supplies, set a cleaning day, and make a plan. You don’t have to clean the entire kitchen in one day – as long as you’re thorough, you can clean it in two afternoons.

Want a sparkling clean kitchen but don’t have the time or energy to clean it yourself? Let our expert cleaners do their magic and give your kitchen the cleanliness it deserves. Reach out to us today to get a free quote!